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Texeurop: an All-Round Solution


Texeurop is a company founded in 1992 by Eric Sauvage in partnership with Groupe Bulteau.

For nearly 25 years in continuous development Texeurop has become a leading company in its market with over 20 million units produced each year.

Texeurop offers an all-round solution for textile products crafted in Asia, particularly in Bangladesh, where the company has developed strong partnerships with factories operating with the latest technology equipment and meeting the ongoing environmental and safety standards.

Since its beginnings, Texeurop has specialized in flat and circular knitwear. In 2009, the woven department was created: Texasia.

In order to offer its customers a wider range of products and sourcing diversity, a fashion bureau -consisting of stylists and designers- was also opened.

Simultaneously, Texeurop created in 2012 Crescendo Textéis factory, based in Portugal (Porto District). Crescendo offers circular knitting garments using its local expertise in the medium range and high-end.

Today, in partnership with ID Group, Texeurop takes part in the development of Bangladesh by building a foundation aimed at the education of children.

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Located in the North of France, Texeurop operates through several specialized divisions: a fashion bureau, logistics and support service, IT, administrative and financial departments.


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Our main departments are specialized in flat and circular knitwear and an exclusive dedicated entity to woven: Texasia.

For a customized follow-up experience, a dedicated expert goes alongside our clients’ through each of the production phases. And as well, Texeurop’s personnel travels to Bangladesh on a regular basis for production monitoring and customer meetings.

Over several years, Texeurop perfected their fashion bureau, consisting of stylists and designers with the ability to meet the most specific demands on developing thematic collections.

Since its conception, Texeurop operates an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where about 40 people –mainly quality controllers and merchandisers– deal with local factories on a daily basis monitoring production and performing inspections of our various T-shirts, knitwear and wovens production plants.

We have established several partnerships with different producers –some of them dating for over 20 years. The flat-knit department also has partnered with suppliers in China. These longstanding partnerships allow us to meet the different needs of our customers.

In 2008, Texeurop invested in its own sweater factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh: l’Usine Fashion, fully automated, specialized in gages from 12 to 1.5 and employing nearly 4,000 people.

› Our Know-How

From the technical file reception to the finished product delivery

Our company works for major brands in the fashion industry of Men’s, Women’s and Childrenswear.

Texeurop offers a complete service, from the reception of the technical files to the finished product delivery in the clients’ warehouse.

Our service comprises product sampling, testing, and development. Once the order is confirmed we take care of the complete product development with full monitoring including laboratory tests and final inspections.

Once the goods are shipped from our plants, we take the responsibility of air or sea transportation, customs clearance and clients’ warehouse delivery.

Our warranty covers a delivered price in euro, support for transport insurance and logistics, meeting scheduling demands and delivering the finished quality product ready for commercial display.

› Our Commitments

Texeurop is a supplier and manufacturer with over 20 years experience in Bangladesh and Asia

Texeurop is committed to its customers in the following:

  • The quality of its plants and its productions

    All plants are long-term partners and Texeurop also has its own knitting factory in Bangladesh (l’Usine Fashion).

    Texeurop vouches for the quality of its productions and its plants easily meet the AQL standards required by our customers (2.5 or 1.5).

    Tricotage circulaire

    Circular knitting machines

    Machines automatiques de tricot

    Automatic knitting machines

    Partners plants use Oeko-Tex yarn suppliers and work with reliable accessory suppliers (buttons, patch, labels…) with a permanent quality warranty and in compliance with REACH standards.

    Quality controllers of our Texeurop office in Dhaka are constantly in production units, conducting in-line and final product inspections. 100% of our clients orders are controlled and thoroughly inspected before departure.

    Finally, Texeurop various partners work for brands that signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety; hence buildings, electricity and security audits are ongoing in different units.

  • Financial and logistical commitment

    Texeurop is committed to its customers on delivering prices in euro to ensure price stability.

    With its proven experience, Texeurop takes responsibility of transportation delivering to client warehouses in every country in compliance with scheduling demands.

  • Social, humanitarian and environmental engagement

    100% of Texeurop partners have social accreditations such as BSCI, SEDEX, WRAP and employ their workers according with the social and labour laws of their country.





    For several years we have been committed to produce based on organic cotton (100% certified organic thread, Control Union) for most of our customers.

    In 2012, Texeurop and ID Group –in collaboration with one of their most important partners in Bangladesh– have created the ID Group Texeurop Foundation. Through this foundation we have created nearly a hundred of schooling programs in the outskirts of Dhaka to assist in the education of the poorest children. And it is in constant evolution, aiming to provide ongoing support on the development of education.

    Une des classes de la fondation

    One of ID Group Texeurop Foundation’s classes

    La station d’épuration d’un de nos partenaires

    The water treatment plant of one of our partners

    Texeurop also seeks to work with environmentally friendly factories, some of which already have their own water treatment plants.

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