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Located in the North of France, Texeurop operates through several specialized divisions: a fashion bureau, logistics and support service, IT, administrative and financial departments.


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Our main departments are specialized in flat and circular knitwear and an exclusive dedicated entity to woven: Texasia.

For a customized follow-up experience, a dedicated expert goes alongside our clients’ through each of the production phases. And as well, Texeurop’s personnel travels to Bangladesh on a regular basis for production monitoring and customer meetings.

Over several years, Texeurop perfected their fashion bureau, consisting of stylists and designers with the ability to meet the most specific demands on developing thematic collections.

Since its conception, Texeurop operates an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where about 40 people –mainly quality controllers and merchandisers– deal with local factories on a daily basis monitoring production and performing inspections of our various T-shirts, knitwear and wovens production plants.

We have established several partnerships with different producers –some of them dating for over 20 years. The flat-knit department also has partnered with suppliers in China. These longstanding partnerships allow us to meet the different needs of our customers.

In 2008, Texeurop invested in its own sweater factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh: l’Usine Fashion, fully automated, specialized in gages from 12 to 1.5 and employing nearly 4,000 people.